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Michael Corjulo

Michael Corjulo is a nurse practitioner and certified asthma educator at Children’s Medical Group. For nearly four years, he has been the site director for the CMS Innovation Grant-funded Community Asthma integrated Resources (CAiR) program for the New Haven region. Under his leadership, the CAiR program, which involves a CHW and RN, has provided over 500 asthma home visits, approximately one third of which have been to primarily Spanish-speaking families. He is working with key policy makers to create a similar asthma-home-visit system for all of Connecticut that would continue to use a team-based approach emphasizing the CHW role. Mr. Corjulo also works as the health coordinator for the Area Cooperative Educational Services school system and is very active at the local, state, and regional levels teaching asthma programs and advocating for healthcare services for children and adolescents.