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Community Health Workers

  • Important members of the public health workforce.
  • Recognized as integral components of all care teams.
  • Connecticut’s front line in addressing the social determinants of health to improve health equity.

Who are Community Health Workers?


A Community Health Worker (CHW) is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of, and/or has a unique understanding of the experience, language, culture, and socioeconomic needs of the community served.  A CHW serves as a liaison/intermediary between individuals, communities and health and social services to facilitate access to care, improve the quality and cultural responsiveness of service delivery, and address social determinants of health.

CHWs build individual and community capacity by increasing health knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of culturally appropriate services such as: outreach and engagement, education, coaching, and informal counseling, social support, advocacy, care coordination, basic screenings and assessments, and research and evaluation.



CHW Roles


The following website links provide information on CHW wages and employment trends.

Wage Projection:
For Community Health Workers in Connecticut, the median wages reported for 2015 were $18.69 per hour/$38,870 annually. Please see the following for detailed information:

Employment Projection:
In Connecticut, from 2014 to 2024 the number of Community Health Worker jobs is projected to increase 13%. Please see the following for detailed information:

Additional Information:
The website Explore Health Careers provides detailed information on Community Health Workers, job outlook, and salary ranges. More details can be found:


CHW Profiles

Milagrosa Seguinot

Southwestern Area Health Education Center, Community Health Workers Association of Connecticut
Millie is the Community Health Worker Project Coordinator at Southwestern Area Health Education Center and an instructor in the agency’s CHW core-competency training program. As a CHW, she works with the Bridgeport community, specifically with mothers of children under 2 years of age, to identify medical homes for children whose vaccines are not up to date. She also enrolls children who were born outside the state in the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System. In the recent past, she has served as a Key Navigator for Access Health CT, providing outreach and support to help enroll Connecticut residents in insurance plans as required by the Affordable Care Act. Millie is the president and a founding member of the Community Health Workers Association of Connecticut.

Juan Carmona

Project Access-New Haven

Juan has been a Patient Navigator with Project Access-New Haven since July 2012. He is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, where he received an MS in sociology. Throughout his time at Project Access, Juan has found ways to complement his education with the mission of the organization in helping the underserved of New Haven. Representing his alma mater, Juan has presented papers on the reluctance of Hispanics to seek health services and on the social conditions that may predict the relationships of patients with their medical providers. Juan has also assisted in a pilot research study at Project Access, looking at Medicaid-enrolled high utilizers of the emergency department, and has collaborated on manuscripts and other conference presentations. With a dedicated focus on social research and health outcomes, Juan is determined to see that patients at Project Access become trained to navigate the healthcare system themselves once their time with the agency has come to an end.

Loretta D. Llyod-Ebron

Housatonic Community College

Loretta Denise Lloyd-Ebron is the SNAP Grant Coordinator at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Human Services. As a Community Health Worker (CHW)for nearly a decade, she has been trained as an educator and an advocate to build and strength the profession. Her unique approach, dedication and passion allows her to use her voice and contagious personality to relate to and build rapport with all individuals.

Since August of 2014, she has been a Community Health Worker Instructor at Housatonic Community College, educating nearly 100 new CHWs to enhance the workforce as advocates for Southwestern Connecticut.

Passionate about her family, Loretta is a proud mother, daughter, sister, aunt and grandmother. She believes in creating memories with those she cherishes. She is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication, and grace through advocacy and education.

Success Stories

“God always takes care of me and places people in my path that have helped me. If Alba, the CHW, hadn’t gotten involved in my health I would have never found out about the tumor. I was very sad when they diagnosed me with cancer, but days after my surgery, on my birthday I was very happy because I have received the best gift: the gift of life. –patient of CHW Alba Wong, CHW


“A.F. had uncontrolled diabetes for many years. After I enrolled her in the Medication Therapy Management program, I connected her with the Diabetes Educator at a local clinic. She diligently followed all of the providers’ recommendations but at one point, she was a little discouraged because she had severe heel pain and was finding it extremely painful to walk. I was able to find some gentle chair yoga exercises that she could do at home while her foot healed. Within 7 months she brought her A1c down from 9% to 6.5%. She informed me that she was very pleased with her progress and was glad to work with someone who spoke her language.”  - Community Health Worker for patient A.F.

"Damaris, the CHW, has helped me tremendously for the past few months. I am a patient who has been suffering with stage 1 hypertension and occasionally elevates to stage 2. Meeting with the CHW, my life has changed quite a lot. She has helped me to monitor my blood pressure at home, and there has been a drastic change." - patient of Community Health Worker Damaris

"I encountered my client at a community health fair and our journey together began. It started as way to tackle her blood glucose and lipid levels and ended with a cancer diagnosis. My role as a CHW was to make sure the health team knew my client’s needs and I found community resources to support her through treatment."  –Alba Wong, CHW